The Good Ones - Rwanda Is My Home - CD


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The Good Ones are a quartet of genocide survivors that serve as a spontaneous realization of the unification of Rwanda's three tribes, with the original trio's members each having Tutsi, Hutu, or Twa (Pygmy) origins, respectivey. Their debut album "Kigali y' Izahabu" was the first record written in their native Kinyarwanda to be widely released outside of Africa. Singing in a style that is often referred to as "worker songs from the street," the plaintive love songs of these genocide survivors speak more to the healing power of peace than a thousand academic treatises or preachy goodwill ambassadors ever could - literally four of the songs on their debut record were titled with the names of amores whom they are written for. Their second album. "Rwanda is My Home", continues this trend with heartbreaking longing on tunes such as "Angerique." This record is again helmed by Grammy-winning producer and author, Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, the Malawi Mouse Boys, Hanoi Masters [Vietnam}, Zomba Prison Project, et al.)

1. Ibihemu (“The Ungrateful”)
2. Angerique
3. Nyamwanga Kumva! (“Stubborn Until The End”)
4. Ni Amayobera (“How Strange Is This Earth”)
5. Rwanda Is My Home
6. Araje Umwami (“He Is Coming”)
7. Bijya Gucika, Guca Amarenga (“When Things Were Starting To Go Badly [There Were Signs]”)
8. Ndayumu Jinya (“Angry Son”)
9. Umukobwa Ninyampinga (“A Woman Is A Blessing”)
10. Divine (“Lady Divine”)
11. Dans L’oublie (“The World Is In Chaos”)