Eoin Glackin


Image of Eoin Glackin

With 2 albums released in Ireland (on Sony and IRL) Eoin has become a household name in his native land having played every good TV and radio show. Growing up on Dublin's northside, the young Eoin became infatuated with the art of passing on stories through music; a passion that led him to the songbooks of Dylan, Springsteen, the Beatles and many more of folk and rock's great ones, much to the amusement of his classmates, who were wrapped up in the ever divisive "Oasis or Blur" argument.
1. Dancing Anymore
2. Dark Rockin' Woman
3. Rain Finally Came
4. Morning Take Us Easy
5. What Am I To You?
6. Hello Caroline
7. You Are The Revolution
8. Pretty Girl
9. Ride It Out
10. Last Night In This Town