Butterfly - Ranger 1


Image of Butterfly - Ranger 1

The “Ranger 1” EP is the first official release by Butterfly, a young English band who are making a lot of ears go “wow”. Each of the four songs on this EP has very much its own vibe; There are a lot of musical colours flying about. This is no surprise given the range of artists and bands from the last half century who have inspired these four 21 year olds as they grew up. Butterfly are: Oliver Taylor, vocals & guitar, Edward Taylor, bass / vocal, Aaron Burke, guitar / keyboards / vocal, and Jordan Dendy, Drums.
Twin brothers Ollie and Edward, put it very simply: “All we want to do is pass on the feelings we had from music we love ”. This EP and the album due to follow it proudly state “we’re in this to be brave, creative and entertaining…for our audiences sake AND ours!